Danger in the Water: Social Campaign Raises Awareness of Ocean Plastics

December 4, 2018

If you live on planet Earth, you’ve probably heard that single-use plastics are killing us.

Environmental non-profit organization Less Plastic is fighting to raise awareness of the devastation caused by ocean plastic, while educating and empowering consumers and businesses to make a change. Now Partners + Napier is joining them in the fight.

The "Danger in the Water" campaign was inspired by the wave of negative statistics on plastic waste, and uses simple, powerful visuals to help these scary facts sink in.

"Anyone who looks at a map can see that our agency is nowhere near an ocean. That doesn’t matter," said Michael Baron, SVP Group Creative Director. "This is a global problem. Sooner or later, we will all feel the impact. If doing a few ads can help raise awareness of this devastating issue, we’re happy to help."

The creative team chose to only use plastic waste found in the environment in the making of the campaign.

"It would have been easy to use new plastic materials, but it felt hypocritical," said Baron. "Using found plastics underscores the point of the campaign: Our plastic waste is everywhere, and it’s destroying the planet for future generations."


Creative Director: Mike Baron
Art Director: Rob Warchol
Copywriter: Andrew Scott
Photographer: Rich Brainerd
Digital Retoucher: Matt Quinn