Case Study


When AT&T took over the presenting sponsorship of the world-famous Tribeca Film Festival, we needed to showcase the mobile connectivity that AT&T brings to New Yorkers and the world.

Pivot Point

We democratized the Tribeca Film Festival and shared the power of film in a way that’s never been done before.

Video Case Study

A festival first

We created an integrated campaign that introduced a Tribeca Film Festival first: Film for All Friday, a full day of screenings free to the public. An accompanying retail promotion let consumers register for tickets to Film for All Friday at any AT&T store in the city. All 5,000 tickets were snagged within 3 days.

What’s the one film every New Yorker should see?

To drive buzz around the new event, we asked people to cast their vote on Twitter with #FilmForAll. We promoted the conversation with ads on bus shelters and taxis, and a star-studded 30-second trailer – narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and featuring Katie Couric, Andy Cohen and other famous New Yorkers – which was played before every film at the festival.

Taking it to the streets

We also created a “man on the street” version of the trailer for digital pre-roll ads and social media. All of this content was housed on a custom campaign microsite.

A grand finale

We collaborated with our Project sister agency Spinifex Group to create a gigantic video projection on the AT&T Terminal Building in Tribeca that featured some of the most iconic scenes in movie history. The projection also tallied #FilmForAll votes in real time, encouraging viewers around the city to get in on the action.


Our program generated massive exposure for the festival and brought a sense of connectivity and interaction to all New Yorkers, making AT&T not just a sponsor but an advocate for film. And our festival-first, Film for All Friday, remains a beloved staple of the event. As for the most voted film? “When Harry Met Sally” – the quintessential New York City love story. It was later played for free in parks across all five boroughs.

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