Case Study

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

Healthy people over 65 feel like they’re getting less and less for what they spend in Medicare premiums. To retain current subscribers and gain new ones, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield needed to connect with this audience in an authentic way while communicating the value of their health plans.

Pivot Point

We discovered that people over 65 feel an average of 12 years younger than they actually are, inspiring a simple experiment that helped us tell a new story.

Watch the Video

Young at heart

Today’s seniors aren’t the same as those of 20 years ago. They feel younger than their real age and live more vibrant lives than ever before. Our simple, unrehearsed experiment used real people, not actors, to prove our “12 years younger” insight and capture it all on film.

The T-Shirt Experiment

We asked real people over the age of 65 to create their own T-shirts, revealing the number that represents how old they really feel. The results captured our point perfectly. Medicare subscribers aren’t about the years in their life, they’re about the life in their years.

Sharing our story

We shared this compelling story in DRTV commercials and on social media, augmenting the content with print, direct mail and in-store displays. The campaign drove a 350% increase in call volume and 325% increase in lead volume VYA.