Case Study

Fashion Week Rochester

Fashion Week Rochester (FWR) is an amazing annual event that supports an even more amazing cause: The Center for Youth, a non-profit that provides at-risk youth with counseling and emergency shelter. But with no identifiable brand, low awareness of the charity connection and an aggressive fundraising goal of $250K, FWR needed a brand makeover.

Pivot Point

Our campaign blurred the lines between the haves and the have-nots, creating philanthropic FOMO and driving Fashion Week attendees to donate more than ever before.

Gucci or Goodwill?

We had to unite the community around a fashion event, but fashion itself is a divider. It separates the haves and the have-nots. So we found a visual commonality to blur this line. With threadbare clothes being all the rage, it’s hard to tell the difference between a $500 Gucci sweater and a $5 sweater from Goodwill. This helped us tell a powerful story that connected FWR to our non-profit.

Walking the Walk

We didn’t just use professional models in our ads. We walked the walk, featuring at-risk teens who had been helped by our charity. Through premium print ads and large format posters, the campaign humanized homeless youth and made fashion less polarizing.

$625K raised for the cause


The campaign raised $625K, outperforming our client’s fundraising goal by 250%. And our Instagram activation raised an additional $10K for the cause.

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