Case Study

Friendship Dairies

After years of decline, cottage cheese category sales were down 54%. Friendship Dairies had had enough. We needed to make this regional brand a must-have with consumers and retailers alike, giving it new relevance and new life.

Pivot Point

We repositioned Friendship Dairies cottage cheese as The Original Superfood.

Video Case Study


First, because most grocery shopping decisions are made in-aisle, we designed bright and colorful new packaging that quickly grabbed shoppers’ attention. Sassy messages printed on the top of every tub instantly turned our packaging into media. Sales increased 13% within one year of its launch.

Friendship Dairies Packaging
The Superfood Generator: Sustainable Energy Starts Here

To increase usage occasions, we transformed the Friendship Dairies website into a hub for inspiration. Visitors used The Superfood Generator, a fun interactive tool, to explore endless superfood mix-in combos with cottage cheese. This drove a whopping 600% increase in average monthly site visits.


Over 130,000 consumers interacted with the Superfood Generator for their chance to win.

+130,000 Consumers

Content Development

We developed a bank of on-trend recipes featuring Friendship Dairies cottage cheese, and captured drool-worthy imagery and video content that we deployed in an extensive social media program.

Geo-targeted Digital Advertising

Shoppers within a 5-mile radius of priority retailers were served retailer-specific offers for Friendship Dairies cottage cheese, driving incremental sales volume during key promotions.

Blogger Program

We used influencer marketing as our megaphone. Female bloggers who fit our audience profile shared their own mix-in ideas, generating over 2 million impressions for the brand in sponsored content.

Social Media

We featured Friendship Dairies cottage cheese on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a canvas for healthy food creativity, driving over 2 million social impressions and doubling online engagement.