Case Study

Friendship Dairies Fruit on the Bottom Cottage Cheese

Friendship Dairies was launching new Fruit on the Bottom cottage cheese. Pineapple, peach, and strawberry with rich, creamy cottage cheese. The perfect snack really. Trouble is: their millennial audience couldn't give a curd about cottage cheese.

Kinda Ridiculous. Kinda Awesome.

The campaign needed to stop the audience's constant scroll and get them to share content. But, like, how? By tricking them into thinking it was actually a campaign about fashion. We riffed on the sexy, over-the-top fashion advertising of the '80s and '90s, and created a faux brand of jeans to lure in our audience: Fruit on the Bottom Jeans. Indeed, with their bedazzled backsides, Fruit on the Bottom Jeans were about to become the hot new denim trend.


Everything about our social campaign reads real fashion – the bedazzled rumps, the precarious poses, the befuddled male. Then, wait, what? Ah, yes, the old parody trick gets us every time. (It got our viewers, too.)

It Was A Fruit Frenzy

Everybody wanted to get their hands on some bottom.

6.2MM Video Views
153MM Impressions
9.5MM Engagements

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