Case Study

Keurig Commercial

The office break room typically isn't exactly a sought-after coffee destination. And its infamously subpar coffee offerings has employees opting instead for the neighborhood coffeehouse to get their latte fix, which had a negative impact on productivity. What's an office manager to do?

Pivot Point

Video Case Study

Pivot Point

How do you sell one of the most innovative brewing systems to a workplace environment?

You don't.
You sell the experience.

Video Case Study

Armed With Smart

We developed a digital sales tool that made it easy for salespeople to showcase Keurig Commercial's offerings to customers and create a tailored sales experience on the spot. Upgraded sales materials helped seal the deal.

Trifold Brochure

Is It A Booth?

Or is it a coffeehouse? We reimagined Keurig Commercial's NAMA tradeshow booth presence by transforming it into a warm, inviting coffeehouse. It featured all-new brewers, including their innovative new K4000 Café that actually brews lattes and cappuccinos, to create the ultimate coffeehouse experience right there on the tradeshow floor. Visitors hung out, salespeople networked, and Keurig Commercial stole the (trade)show.


Turning the sales experienced into a coffeehouse one had some big-time results for Keurig Commercial.

Digital Sales Tool 0 of sales people
who used the tool made
a complete sale
NAMA Tradeshow 0 Increase in
booth activity