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The number one killer of firefighters isn’t fire or smoke – it’s heart attacks brought on by heavy protective gear. An innovative new line of gear, TECGEN, could save lives. But with a small marketing budget and little awareness, driving sales for this challenger brand would be tough.

Pivot Point

We went all-in at FDIC, the world’s largest firefighting trade show.

Video Case Study

Small and Mighty

TECGEN's booth was tiny – and not even on the main show floor – but breakthrough tactics, like these large gear displays, helped capture attendees' interest and drive traffic to the booth.

An Ad Within An Ad

Our ad in the FDIC guide used only 10% of its space, making the point that TECGEN takes up less space than bulky traditional gear, yet can be used on a majority of firefighters' calls.

Looking Good

We knew how firefighters looked in the gear was a big factor on whether or not they'd buy it, so we gave them the opportunity to try TECGEN on with mirror clings in all the restrooms.


Not only was TECGEN an unproven brand, it cost 3x more than traditional gear. Convincing fire chiefs with tight budgets to invest in TECGEN was a huge challenge. So we designed an app that instantly calculated how much TECGEN could save their departments over time.

2x sales leads
43% sales growth
Effie winner


The TECGEN booth may have been tiny, but the unexpected launch campaign helped grow awareness and trial, double sales leads VYA and grow sales 43% without additional marketing investment. For outstanding ROI, the campaign took home a 2016 Effie Award.

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