Case Study

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

We used touch-sensitive ink and digital wizardry to create real posters jazz lovers could actually play while proving digital and print can make beautiful music together.

Pivot Point

The Jazz Fest brings music to the city, so our creative should too.

Video Case Study

Let's Play

That's right. Real posters, printed on paper and hung around the festival — that functioned like touchscreens. Users could compose their own arrangement just by touching the drawings of musical instruments featured in each design and hear their compositions coming through the posters.

Behind the music

Let's push our glasses back up on our nose, adjust our slide rules and talk about the technology that created touchability.

Feel The Funk music design

We sequenced and quantized music tracks in different keys, so as each instrument is engaged it "comes in" to the song in time with the beat.

Pixels and paper in perfect harmony

Emerging Artists

We also promoted new artists with manhole album covers promoting shows.

Music to our ears

The idea fascinated the festivalgoers, resulting in lots of fun, a few posters stolen and the rest being auctioned off at the end of the event for charity. And even won us Best of Show in a standout performance at the Rochester Advertising Federation’s American Advertising Awards.

0 Posters Sold for Charity
4/60 Posters Stolen
0 of guests interacted with our experience