Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Making an impact on culture
Starts With Us
Starts with us

We're committed to creating an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and strives for equity, and we've got the plan to back it up.

Empowering Change

We established a decentralized model for taking action, driven by four core pillars. Each of our pillars has a dedicated team working to create a positive, lasting impact.


We’re committed to driving measurable changes to the diversity of our talent and inclusive environment at our agency.


We’re committed to partnerships that align with our values of diversity and inclusion. This includes our vendors, clients, and other industry partners.

Training + Education

We’re committed to education on the issues of systemic racism so we can create a more progressive workplace and community.


We’re committed to creating measurable changes in the familiarity, connectedness, and collaboration between Partners + Napier and communities of color.

We ♥ Roc

Community Collaborations

We’re making a difference right here, right now by sharing our skills with our neighbors.

NeighborGood Design

Our NeighborGood Design program connects women- and minority-owned small businesses in the greater Rochester area with complimentary creative support to help combat inequality and build a stronger, more inclusive community.

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