Case Study


You probably guessed that BurgerFi makes hamburgers. But would you expect to find locally sourced ingredients, only the top 1% of beef on the market, or some of the best vegan burgers on the planet? Sounds like they’ve got something for everyone. Hey, we should tell people about this.

Pivot Point

Video Case Study

Pivot Point

Our burgers are not the typical towering clichés of meat and cheese. They’re one of a kind, just like the people we make them for.

Video Case Study
Awesomely Peculiar Illusionist BurgerFi Burger

People First

Okay, when your client tells you they only use the top 1% of beef on the planet, you’ve got to find a way to share that. But how do we actually make it stick? The guys using the other 99% are showing big, juicy burgers already. So we brought our top 1% of beef benefit to life, not with burgers, but BurgerFi customers who are the top 1% of something too. Who better to deserve such an awesome burger?

Binge With Burgers

Getting noticed on TV meant bringing our characters to life in simple spots that looked nothing like the typical big burger commercial. And once they hit the social feeds, they made great thumb-stopping content.

Choose your favorite character and hear what they have to say.

5X increase in same-store sales
14% increase in overall sales
80% increase in same-day sales on Burgers for Every 1 Day

Unique Results

With 100 restaurants across the country and a desire to keep growing, BurgerFi needed a campaign that not only got attention, but would draw in customers. According to our math, things are looking good so far.