Inclusively Exclusive Burgers

Claiming a unique brand position to propel same-store sales

Photograph of a metal mom holding a burger.


Burgers are pretty common.

BurgerFi is a young, upscale burger chain with about 100 locations nationwide — but they’d plateaued in the crowded “better burger” segment. To get to the next level, they needed to stand out from the competition and earn the attention of consumers and potential franchisees.

Photograph of burgers with the BurgerFi logo burned into the buns.


We served up a unique emotional connection.

To catapult same-store sales for this growing franchise, we leveraged a core product benefit — every BurgerFi burger is made with the top 1% of beef — to inspire a breakthrough brand campaign. Our audience insight: Everyone believes they’re the top 1% of something, and they deserve a burger as fresh and unique as they are.

Photograph of the inside of a BurgerFi restaurant.

Burgers for Every 1.

We positioned BurgerFi’s premium burgers as the perfect reward for being your best self, bringing a wide range of weird and wonderful characters to life that looked and sounded nothing like your typical burger chain advertising.

Print advertisement featuring a ventroliquist.
Print advertisement featuring a Girl Scout.
Facebook post featuring a magician.
Photograph of two BurgerFi employees.
Three sponsored Instagram posts.


Pretty unique results.

The campaign drove a 14% increase in total sales and 5X increase in same-store sales, securing a top spot on the fast casual leaderboard in YTD same-store sales growth, right next to Panera. We also increased visitor 60-day frequency VYA 19%, and grew customers in the family segment 20%. Oh, and the work brought home an Effie, too.

Increase in Total Sales
Increase in Same-Store Sales
Increase in Visitor Frequency

Bronze Effie
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