Case Study

Delta Vacations

One year after we helped Delta Vacations achieve a record-breaking January with a 145% increase in revenue, we took their annual promotion to the next level, focusing on a different audience with a motivating message.

Pivot Point

We connected to the airline's growing number of millennial customers — and moved from traditional vacation escapism to an experience-driven, do-it-today attitude.

Sky Magazine

Sky Magazine

With over 5 million monthly readers, and a space in every seatback pocket, we inspired adventure-seekers across the entire Delta fleet.

Delta Screens

The campaign launched nationally in busy airport terminals, Delta Sky Clubs, and Delta’s in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi log-in screens, encouraging passengers to Experience Anywhere.

Social Media

We engaged consumers via YouTube pre-roll, the Delta app, and across Delta Vacations social channels.

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This campaign helped Delta Vacations gain a single-month, 143% growth in revenue on top of the record-breaking results from the year before.