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Never Plan a Vacation Again

Taking over a social media holiday to spotlight what makes Delta Vacations different


Fly over the competition.

Delta Vacations, the vacation brand operating under Delta Air Lines, needed to raise awareness on how their services set them apart from other vacation-related companies. Any competitor could illustrate the classic vacation activities: surfing, sunning, sleeping, etc. But what if we focused on what you don’t do with Delta Vacations?

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It’s National Plan for Vacation Day … Or is it?

National Plan for Vacation Day is an Internet holiday celebrated by many a travel company. For most social feeds, it means a flash flood in a sea of sameness: the typical calculated CTA messaging: “time to plan a vacation.” But Delta Vacations isn’t traveling, we realized. It’s vacationing. And that’s a pretty spectacular difference.

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Zig while the competition zags.

Where most travel companies fly, Delta Vacations soars. National Plan for Vacation Day had one fatal flaw: planning! So we flipped the script on the holiday, letting our consumers know that when they choose us, there’s zero planning, just vacationing. And we did so using social media tactics that were just as effortless to engage with as the vacations were to take.

Social Post - "What's the worst part about planning a vacation?"
Word Search Image - "The first 3 words you see describe your next vacation"
Delta Vacations Twitter profile
Delta Vacations Instagram reel
Twitter post - "Type 'My dream vacation is,' and let your phone finish the sentence for you."


Planning is Everything.

Thanks to our strategy, we were able to stand out. While other companies engaged in the fake holiday, we got organic responses to our twist. Best of all, it was more than just a moment to appear different, our audience grew before our very eyes and gave us the engagement we’d been waiting for.