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Using NFTs to create buzz around a sweepstakes and build brand awareness


From timeless to timely.

Continuing momentum from the Go Beyond the Flight campaign, we needed to accelerate Delta Vacations off the runway and into liftoff. Now that we’d established them as a core vacation brand, it was time to interject something trending and relevant to create buzz.

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Yeah, we’ve got NFTs – Nice Free Trips.

From Colbert to catwalks, NFTs were catching eyes way beyond their online domain, and we wanted in on the traction. In a freshly post-pandemic, chronically online world, people were forgetting how good life off the social feed was. We knew that an NFT (“Nice Free Trips”) giveaway was our chance — while everyone else was glued to their phone, we’d make an impact that was real.


Vacations > Pictures of vacations.

While other brands broke a sweat to be the first in their category with an NFT to sell, we decided to stay true to our real-life vacations, and mimicked the NFT drops without breaking a single pixel. Giving away 5 vacations, we were able to reward our audiences with something real, while other brands focused on… whatever NFTs are.


Digital work. Real results.

Contrasting NFT giveaways with our Nice Free Trips giveaway, we were able to hook our audience, then surprise them with an even better prize. We got support, laughs, plus, 68,000 sweepstakes entries. And an 11% increase in social media followers. And 195M overall viewers. Not too shabby for a couple of Nice Free Trips.

sweepstake entries
increase in followers on Instagram
overall reach