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Increasing sales for a beloved dairy product with a brand new look and campaign


Opportunity at first sight.

Friendship Dairies had a beloved brand following, both socially and in the dairy aisle. Their sour cream and cottage cheese inspired organic UGC and social engagement by the tub full. But with a new look on the horizon they needed a fresh tone to match, one that would spur the brand forward, without leaving the loyal audience behind.

Click to watch the "manifesto" video.


Add a pinch of love.

We decided to get to the heart of what our audience loved most: excellent, superior, top-quality dairy. The truth was, people loved Friendship Dairies. But they could be getting more from it. With a mix of premium out-of-home, social, programmatic display, video, e-commerce and in-store media, we knew a little birdie who’d be perfect to tell them how.

Click to watch the "package redesign" video.
Click to watch the "baked potato" video.
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Meet the Dove.

Giving our omnipresent mascot a voice, we got to talk (err, chirp) to our audience directly, with more familiarity than ever before. Like any bestie, the Dove voiced the impulsive nature of cravings, plus the lighthearted humor that lives in every wholesome dairy lover. Pairing her with a thorough media plan was the recipe for success, increasing awareness and inspiring new ways to use Friendship Dairies in the kitchen.

Image a Friendship Dairies Instagram story.


Icing on the shortcake.

We balanced the path-to-purchase influence from awareness to intent through conversion, with our audience flocking to shelves and exceeding our goal by 17%. Dairy lovers everywhere spread a 52% increase in purchase intent, and the Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese buy rate rose 12% as well.

increase in sales value compared to original goal
increase in buy rate
increase in purchase intent
Photograph of a strawberry shortcake made with Friendship Dairies cottage cheese.