Case Study

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Private Medicare providers like Highmark receive reimbursements from the government based on a star rating that measures the quality of care the plan delivers. With a review of Highmark’s star rating pending, we needed to get more of Highmark's Medicare members to take full advantage of Annual Wellness Visits with their doctors.

Pivot Point

While many members were attending their wellness visits, most weren’t asking their docs the right health questions. So we created a new tool to help members take control of their visits.


Enter the Doc Talk Checklist

By putting the right questions in the hands of Highmark members, we flipped the intimidating doctor/patient dynamic and helped them take control of their Annual Wellness Visits.


Too good not to share

After seeing the value our Doc Talk Checklist could provide to anyone with Medicare, we made it available to non-Highmark members – creating goodwill and driving contactable leads in the process.

Reaching savvy seniors

Today’s seniors are online. In droves. So we extended our message there too. Pre-roll video ran on the content seniors consume most, while paid social ads targeted the fastest-growing audience on Facebook.

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0 Direct Response Rate
0 Completed Checklists
0 Over Annual Wellness Visit Goal


In addition to helping Highmark maintain its government star rating, the Doc Talk Checklist drove a 10.6% direct response rate (over 3X the national average), gained 500+ non-member leads, and exceeded our goal for Annual Wellness Visit participation by 92%.

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