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A watched pot is just plain boring

Getting Instant Pot into more American kitchens with its first national campaign

Photograph of a goat standing on a woman's back as she does yoga.


From cult following to kitchen must-have.

Instant Pot is the darling of pressure cooking. But as the category heated up, entrants from established brands threatened their momentum. They turned to us for their first national campaign with the goal of getting more Instant Pots in American kitchens.

Photographs of people with their Instant Pots.


Let’s make dinner doable.

What’s for dinner? It’s a question millions of Americans ask themselves every day. And while the idea of dinnertime is idealized, the reality is most of us settle for less-than-ideal dinners. We set out to show home cooks a better way to put meals on the table.

With the digital-first “Dinner. Done.” campaign, we carved out an ownable space for Instant Pot: the dinnertime daypart. We focused on how effortless Instant Pot cooking could be — freeing people to cook without compromising their precious freetime.

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Different messages for different tastes.

We used a templated approach to produce hundreds of creative assets customized to our audiences. For time-starved families, we focused on Instant Pot’s speed and simplicity. For health-conscious Millennials, we inspired with new recipes. With media dollars precisely allocated across audiences and channels, we tracked performance in real-time — continuously optimizing both creative and media to drive the most sales.

Screen shot showing an Instant Pot sponsored post on Facebook.
Screen shot showing an Instant Pot ad on Amazon.
Screen shot showing Instant Pot ads on Instagram and YouTube..


Now the pressure is keeping up with demand.

In the first six weeks of the campaign, more than 84,000 new Instant Pots found their way to kitchen counters across America — 5X ROMI. Marketing went on to drive $38.7M in sales at key storefronts. Millennials’ positive perceptions of Instant Pot rose 15%, with Facebook fans growing by 44% and Instagram by 89%.

Instant Pots Sold
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Sales at Key Storefronts
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