Health + Wellness

Curing Doubt Fast 

Driving virtual care usage by remedying life’s disruptions


Overcome the urgent care urge.

As widespread as virtual care is, most people still head to their local urgent care clinic. With the cold and flu season approaching, we needed to make people second-guess those brick-and-mortar trips – and make MDLIVE their first choice.  


Go after the symptom of the symptom.

A cough is never just a cough. It’s a missed vacation, canceled meeting, and all the disruptions that come with it. MDLIVE can cure those disruptions by helping people see a doctor at the exact moment of symptom onset – without driving, waiting or hassles – so a little cough won’t become a bigger deal.


Don’t wait, go live.

When we feel that first sniffle or scratchy throat, there’s a dreadful little voice in our heads that anticipates the worst. We brought that to life and reassured people they don’t need to worry, wonder or wait with MDLIVE.

Fighting the FOMO.

Video and social units highlighted life’s moments you wouldn’t want to miss out on. OOH went straight after the “not-so-urgent” care you get at clinics. And audio created a sick soundtrack for the season.


A truly disruptive campaign.

This campaign rolled out during cold and flu season and outperformed the previous year’s efforts – becoming MDLIVE’s highest-performing creative to date.

41% higher
social engagement on Meta
25% higher
video engagement on YouTube
11% increase
urgent care visits YOY