Case Study

Outdoor Advertising Association of America

In a world dominated by digital, out of home advertising was quickly getting left behind. We needed to show media buyers that OOH not only amplifies digital, it’s still one of the most powerful advertising mediums in existence.

Pivot Point

“At last, advertising for humans that works.”

Exposing digital’s dark side

Rampant bot traffic, non-viewable ads, and outright fraud waste billions of ad dollars each year. So, we leaned into media buyers’ growing concern: just how real are digital media impressions?

Feel the Real takes over

With 1,400 unbranded OOH units in 20 cities across the country, we spread a simple, provocative message: “THIS AD IS REAL.” We tailored 280 of the ads to our media buyers, our target markets, physical locations and landmarks, media agencies, and even individual influencers.

You talkin’ to me?

We ensured our ads were perfectly placed in the real world, effectively using mass media as hyper-targeted 1:1 communication.

16x return on investment
$48M incremental sales
Effie Finner

Getting real drove real results

We pulled off an unprecedented acceleration of OOH growth, driving $48 million in incremental sales and delivering 16X ROI. Feel The Real secured $2.2M in earned media in its first week, and was named one of Advertising Week’s Top Five Stories and a Creativity Editor’s Pick.

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