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Blue Minus
the Eww

Challenging cheese lovers to give blue another chance


Blue cheese is delicious. But also kinda weird.

The sharp taste. The intense smell. The moldy appearance. Blue cheese is a love-it-or-hate-it food. Our challenge was to convert haters to lovers by appealing to their sense of adventure and desire to be anything but boring.


Celebrating acts of everyday bravery.

Most people are braver than they think. Maybe not jump-out-of-a-plane brave, but more swim-in-a-public-pool brave. Our campaign celebrated these acts of everyday bravery to inspire blue-reluctant cheese lovers to give it another go.


A bold cheese deserves a bold campaign.

We rolled out a national campaign to celebrate life’s bravest moments in video, social and digital ads. Our goal was to make these moments as relatable, memorable and culturally relevant as possible, to get blue cheese into as many grocery carts at possible.


Getting brave gets big results.

Our work worked. The campaign reversed declining sales from the previous year, lifted sales in 46 key markets and improved household penetration by over 70%. See? We told you blue cheese is delicious.

household penetration
return on ad spend
key markets lifted sales
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