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Delta Vacations Tells Travelers Not to Plan a Vacation

New social media campaign with Partners + Napier flips “National Plan for Vacation Day” on its head, since Delta Vacations takes care of all the planning
January 31, 2023

Delta Vacations, a Delta Air Lines company, is encouraging travelers to skip planning their vacations on “National Plan for Vacation Day,” a holiday created by the U.S. Travel Association to encourage Americans to take a day at the beginning of the year to plan their vacations for the rest of the year. Rather than spending the entire day researching, booking, and organizing tedious itineraries, Delta Vacations is telling travelers to make the day “National Don’t Plan for Vacation Day,” and leave all of the planning to them.

“Planning a vacation is exciting, but it is also stressful,” said Brian Canning, Chief Marketing, Product and Customer Experience Officer at Delta Vacations. “That’s why we’re asking people to instead celebrate “National Don’t Plan for Vacation Day,” and let us help you make those tough decisions on where to go and how to stay. All-in-one vacation experiences are what we do so let us do the planning for you!”

While many travel companies jump onto “National Plan for Vacation Day'' as a timely way to promote bookings, Delta Vacations is reversing the holiday and telling its audience to not bother planning a vacation because they’ll do it for you. The social media campaign is taking over the Delta Vacations accounts with interactive ways to underscore their tongue-in-cheek call-to-inaction. The campaign comes to life with word search puzzles, “let your phone finish it for you” tweets, and sample vacation itineraries with curated activities designed to inspire travelers to let Delta Vacations make their vacation happen.

“I love this campaign because it’s a reminder that vacations should be fun, not work,” adds Rob Kottkamp, Chief Creative Officer of Partners + Napier. “It’s a simple idea, but our hope is that more people will actually be able to get into vacation mode faster, by allowing Delta Vacations to handle the stress of the planning part.”

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