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Group Account Director Nathan King Talks the Art of Account Management with LBB

April 29, 2024

Growing up a pastor’s son, Nathan’s earliest clients were his parents’ parishioners

Little Black Book Online sat down with Partners + Napier Group Account Director Nathan King to talk about how the core insights of great client service start early.

“Without even knowing it, I was raised to be in account management,” said Nathan. “I grew up in a pastor’s home so client (aka, parishioner) service was all around me from an early age. I watched my parents pour their hearts out day in and day out for the people who called our small, local church, “home.”

“I learned to be scrappy and resourceful,” Nathan continued. “You think some client budgets are small?! Try organizing events in a small, rural church! Working with fellow volunteers, I had to truly lean into the strengths of those working alongside me.”

Nathan brings these lessons to work with him every day, and uses them for everything from managing the flow of information to identifying resources, building empathy and navigating conflict.

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