NeighborGood Program Launched in Service of Small Business Owners of Color

New offering connects small business owners of color with creative talent as part of broader effort to combat opportunity gaps in the Greater Rochester community
December 2, 2020

Since we opened our doors in 2004, the Rochester community has been good to us. Our roots run deep, but they could be deeper. And in the wake of national conversations on race and equality, we realized we can better serve the community we call home. To be frank, we needed to step up and be a better neighbor.

We’ve always said that business is personal — and for us, it really is — but now it’s time to take deliberate action in service of that sentiment. Being a better neighbor means partnering with our neighbors of color and working to support their vision.

This is why we created NeighborGood, a new initiative that offers our services to local small businesses owned and operated by people of color, completely free of charge. The program’s intent is to help amplify these businesses, help combat economic and opportunity gaps, and build a stronger, more closely knit community.

At no cost to participants, NeighborGood’s offerings include:

  • Brand look and feel, such as logo, color palette, and typography
  • Copywriting, such as leadership biographies and company boilerplate
  • Guidance on website improvements and search engine optimization

NeighborGood is just one of several steps we’re taking both inside and outside our agency to stand against racial injustice and inequity, and actively support our neighbors of color. Through this program, it is our fervent hope that we can form lasting partnerships that build a better, stronger, and more inclusive Rochester.

If you are interested in learning more about NeighborGood and would like to participate, please visit this link. We’ve set up a quick application to help us better understand the needs and vision of prospective clients.