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Partners + Napier Releases New Report Identifying Athletes as Next Frontier for Cannabis Marketing

Report is first in ongoing series, defining new audiences for high-growth categories
November 17, 2022

Cannabis is a $100 billion industry in the United States, with $33 billion in sales and 520,000 full-time employees, with that number set to grow exponentially as more people realize how cannabis can play a role in relieving anxiety, managing pain, improving focus, recreation, and so much more.

Partners + Napier’s new report, “Hidden In Plain Sight: The Untapped Cannabis Consumer” sheds light on a high-value but potentially overlooked audience for the category: athletes who do not currently use cannabis. By studying what current cannabis users and non-users have in common, as well as non-users’ barriers to entry, it became clear that this non-user athlete audience could be a new frontier of growth for the cannabis category. They have strong buying power, their interests align with the benefits of cannabis use, and their barriers are easy to overcome.

The opportunity:

For a complete breakdown of the marketing opportunity, as well as behaviors, preferences and demographics on this Athletes Among Us audience, download the full report.