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Two words:
Sex Gummies

Launching a first-of-its-kind, sex-positive cannabis product with explosive results


Selling the high in a highly regulated industry.

Ace Valley makes cannabis-infused lifestyle and wellness consumables that treat a variety of chronic conditions. Their newest line of edibles was designed to improve intimacy. Yes. That’s right. Sex gummies.

With cannabis legalized in Canada and THC edibles becoming ubiquitous, Canopy had an opportunity to address an unmet need. However, strict marketing regulations didn’t allow cannabis brands to use lifestyle imagery, testimonials or make any claims. That made it very hard to educate consumers on something so new, unexpected and surprisingly taboo.

Photograph of Ace Valley gummy packaging.


Good sex even better.

Good sex is a universal human need. And surveys showed that 75% of cannabis users were already using it to have better sex. Ace Valley saw the connection and opportunity – creating a new line of gummies thoughtfully designed to make good sex even greater.


A great f@%king idea.

We delivered fun, fearless, regulation-friendly creative – heroically showcasing our gummies with messages celebrating sex positivity, curiosity and inclusivity. “Lust” to get you in the mood. “Thrust” to make things waaaay more interesting. Consumers found their need states. We found a powerful campaign.

Social post: “Because f--k boring sex.”
Social post: “Because missionary doesn't have to be so f--king vanilla.”

A successful launch is in the cards.

Key to sales was getting retail budtenders on board. And key to that was giving them something new to talk about. So we created The Canna Sutra – a provocative, insightful guide to connect cannabis, sex and customers.

Photograph of Ace Valley Canna Sutra cards.
Photograph of Ace Valley store display.
Photograph of Ace Valley sales display cards.


Everyone was satisfied.

With a product unlike anything else and creative that pushed the envelope, Ace Valley’s launch of Lust and Thrust completely surpassed expectations.

Sold out
on the very first day
more sales than expected
earned impressions within the first month
Photograph of Ace Valley gummies.