Public Service

Spreading Hope

Helping stop the spread of COVID‑19 in underserved communities


The urgency didn’t translate.

Social distancing is a critical part of stopping the spread of COVID‑19, but mass media PSAs weren’t reaching underserved populations, such as those in low-income, non-English-speaking, and hearing-impaired communities. We needed to get people to stay home, or at least six feet apart.


From concept to launch in just eight days.

We pulled together a hard-hitting bilingual campaign in record time. Radio and TV spots ran with time donated by local broadcasters, and an out-of-home blitz included tactics like posters and bus shelters, plus guerrilla tactics like spray-painted stencils on walls, sidewalks, and the front steps of apartment buildings.

With Gammut Productions, we partnered with local street artists, FUA, to bring the message to the neighborhood.

We made it free for anyone to use.

Our public health message applies to everyone, and this is literally about saving lives. So we made all campaign assets downloadable for anyone to use for free, anywhere in the country.


Our neighbors stayed safe.

Monroe County stood apart for much of 2020 with notably low rates of COVID‑19 and minimal community spread. In October 2020, the county had the lowest rate of COVID‑19 in the U.S. among communities with more than 500,000 people.