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How do you launch a billion dollar startup?

Earning the attention of the global C-suite with hyper-targeted media activations

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Showing CEOs the difference.

Business Process Services (BPS) is a complex category. After splitting away from Xerox, Conduent was entering with immense experience and zero brand recognition. They needed to position themselves as a global leader while driving demand and leads. They were also faced with competing priorities across multiple business units and industry sectors. Well, bring it on.

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Leap ahead.

We launched Move Forward, a bold new brand campaign anthemic enough to resonate with a diverse audience of C-suite decision makers, and flexible enough to generate a wide range of hardworking assets across channels. Campaign elements were easily tailored to Conduent’s solutions and customer industries, supporting lead generation on a global scale.

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A personalized, multi-target media strategy.

We customized the campaign to the distinct audiences and budgets of each of Conduent’s business sectors and solution offerings. We delivered our content on channels closest to a C-level decision maker’s daily journey, including search, social, digital and trade, with a focus on quality of results over quantity of impressions.

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Mission accomplished.

We generated 2,000+ qualified leads, a 100% increase over goal, and a 500% increase VYA. The overall social engagement rate was 19%, compared with 9% the prior year. The campaign also increased total website visits by 6.1%, and unique users visiting the website by 14.9%.

Qualified Leads
Increase VYA
Total Website Traffic