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The best way to sell a printer? Dont be a copier.

Increasing qualified leads by reimagining digital storytelling

Close-up photograph of a vibrant Xerox color print.


Accelerate a long sales cycle.

As the namesake of the printer category, Xerox is always in buyers’ consideration set. But that wasn’t going to spike sales of its innovative new printer, the Xerox® PrimeLink®. It’s a big investment in a low-engagement category. The sales cycle can take years. To tempt more leads we needed to tell a new story.

Photograph of a Xerox PrimeLink printer.


Sell possibilities, not features.

There aren’t a lot of feels in B2B, which is odd, because choosing the right technology is incredibly personal and highly stressful. So our lead-generating work for the new Xerox® PrimeLink® Family of Printers ditched the rational B2B-speak and focused on making emotional connections to new possibilities.

Woman looking at prints of family photos. Click to watch the video.
Overhead photo of a Xerox printer. Click to watch the video.

We made the intangible feel real.

It’s hard to show the quality of a printed piece on a website. So we created a more engaging digital experience, where customers could see how PrimeLink® elevates design — adding color, metallics, and fitting into a wider range of applications. Then, developed personalized nurture streams to accelerate lead generation.


From generating leads, to generating love.

All that momentum at launch generated 250+ SQLs with $3M+ in pipeline.

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